Bronco Customers Learn Production Will Be Delayed In Letter From Ford

Ford Motor Company has notified customers waiting for the all-new Ford Bronco that production dates have been delayed two weeks in some cases and three weeks in others. Ford is calling this delay an "adjustment."

Ford global manufacturing and labor communications manager Kelli Felker, had said "We are still on track,” she told the Free Press on Sunday. "These letters are related specifically to the downtime that we announced."

On May 5, she confirmed a series of factory production cuts that included extending the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne for the weeks of May 17 and May 24. Felker texted the Free Press on May 5, "Important to note that Bronco remains on track to go on sale this summer.”

Bronco production has been impacted by COVID-19, semiconductors and delays related to removable tops. An earlier notice warned of a three-month delay, so this latest update seems like just a hiccup, buyers said.

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